COPSD - Co-Occurring Psychiatric & Substance Disorders

Santa Maria Hostel, Inc. received a grant in 2001 to fund the services for co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders. This program is designed to provide integrated treatment services for individuals with dual disorders. The services provided to an individual must address both psychiatric and substance use disorders and be provided within established practice guidelines for this population. In addition, services provided must facilitate, empower and advocate for women to enable them to access the available services they need and choose. These services must be delivered in a culturally-appropriate manner and be delivered in accordance with the individual’s treatment plan. Finally, services are to be provided from a person-centered approach.

Because prior to 2001 over 69% of the clients admitted to Santa Maria Hostel suffered from dual disorders, the management of Santa Maria Hostel believed that the outcomes of continued sobriety would improve with the implementation of these services. This has proven true as over 90% of the clients admitted for treatment services actually completed treatment. This component to all Santa Maria Hostel programs has proven valuable to the success of all dually-diagnosed clients.